Our Story

Who is Arcosa Tank?

Arcosa Tank is the direct descendent of Trinity Containers, the innovative pioneer in propane tank manufacturing since 1933. On November 1, 2018, the infrastructure related businesses of Trinity Industries separated to form a new, publicly traded company, Arcosa, Inc., (NYSE - ACA). On November 1, Trinity Containers became Arcosa Tank.

Why the Spin-off from Trinity Industries?

Growth. Trinity Industries started as an LP tank manufacturer. Over the years, it evolved into a diversified manufacturing company whose core business is railcar manufacturing and leasing.

The Trinity board of directors saw an opportunity to spin-off the non-rail, infrastructure related businesses and position the new company for aggressive growth.

This was completed on November 1, 2018, when the shares of Arcosa were distributed, tax free, to Trinity Industries shareholders. Arcosa is well capitalized and completed the first of many planned acquisitions in November 2018.

The Arcosa Name

Trinity Industries took its name from the Trinity River, which flows through Dallas as it travels 710 miles from far north Texas to the Gulf of Mexico. In 1690, Alonso de Leon, while establishing San Francisco de los Tejas, Spain’s first mission in east Texas, named the river “La Santísima Trinidad” (“the Most Holy Trinity”). Over time, it became known simply as the Trinity River.

Long before the Spanish and French explorers landed, the Caddo Indians farmed in east Texas. Their federation of tribes was pronounced Te-haas (which the Spanish spelled Tejas), meaning “those who are friends”. Eventually, this Caddo word for friends, Tejas, became Texas. The Caddo Indians, who lived along the river Alonso de Leon named Trinity, called the river Arkikosa. ARCOSA, the name of our new company, is a simplified version of the Caddo name, linking the new with the old.

86 years ago, Trinity Industries took its name from the longest Texas river with its entire watershed inside the State. Now, our new company, ARCOSA, takes its name from the same river, from the language of the Caddo Indians, who, unknowingly, also named our State of Texas. Trinity Industries and ARCOSA have a common heritage, a shared legacy, and now, a new direction.

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